A few websites to help your child to play, read and grow in French

Fun and educational websites in French


Websites to read in French

Children’s literature
Play (theatre)

Websites to learn about French news and culture

Les Clés de l’Actualité Junior

Grands peintres
Passion Ballet

La Cité des Sciences

Let your child discover France

French Geography

To get your family ready for a trip to France, you will also find a great deal of information on the website France Guide, the official site of the National French Office of Tourism. You will find on this site several pieces of expert advice for traveling as a tourist in France, as well as key resources for organizing your stay and good maps with useful details.

Consulate’s teaching dossiers

The Cultural Service of the Consulate creates, each year, instructional guides that help you to teach various themes with your students, according to their level and interests. These guides are free and can be downloaded directly from this site.

- Film

- Children’s literature

- Book

- Theme

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