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For students who wish to learn more about France, see the useful links below for more information on CampusFrance, the site for foreign students looking to study abroad in France.

If you have more specific questions, the pages below (in PDF) should be able to help you as well.

Studying in France

PDF - 65.7 kb
Study abroad in France

The French Grandes Écoles

PDF - 64.3 kb
French Elite Schools

Internships and Jobs in France

PDF - 49 kb
Internships and summer jobs in France

Scholarships in France

PDF - 51.5 kb

French classes in France

PDF - 56.2 kb
French language summer school

Finding accommodation in France

PDF - 90.9 kb
Housing in France

Visa requirements

PDF - 55.6 kb

PDF - 15.2 kb
Degree Translation and Evaluation
PDF - 167.3 kb
Recognition of French Degrees in the US
PDF - 10.7 kb
Recognition of American Degrees in France
Word - 27.8 kb
Campus France Brochure

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